• 3D CAD design which ranges from 3D realistic models to 2D manufacturing prints. Here at MDE we offer CAD design at every step of the process to allow the customer to have a visualization of every iteration of their design also they will be able to have a clear picture of what works best for their applications.


  • 3D prototyping, we offer the service of 3D prototyping via a 3D printer which has the capability of printing prototypes in both ABS and PLA plastic material. Parts can be printed ranging anywhere from basic components to full assemblies. With our 3D printing service, we make your ideas and dreams become your reality. 


  • With every design and prototype customers will receive a detail instruction manual with step by step procedures explaining how their idea became a reality they can either visualize, hold in their hands or even be in the process of getting to market. These instructions will allow the customer the capability of having a clear understanding of what it took to get their idea from point A to point B while also instructing the customer of how to recreate their idea for themselves.